Office Organization

Land Use & Code Enforcement Division

The Land Use/Code Enforcement Division performs work related to planning, zoning, habitat conservation, redevelopment, building and ordinance compliance. Principle clients served by this division include the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency, Planning Department, Building and Safety Department and Code Enforcement Department.

Contracts, Public Works & Financing Division

The Contracts/Public Works & Financing Division performs work related to personal and professional service contracts, real property acquisitions, leases, public works, financing and refunding services and assessment districts. Principle clients served by this division include the County Executive Office, Economic Development Agency,  Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Waste Management District, Regional Parks and Open Space District, Transportation Department, Fire Department and Treasurer/Tax Collector.

Public Safety & Litigation Division

The Public Safety & Litigation Division performs work related to public health, safety, welfare, general government and litigation. Principle clients served by this division include the Riverside County Regional Medical Center, Community Health Agency, Inland Empire Health Agency, Department of Mental Health, Sheriff's Department, Probation Department, Department of Human Services, Registrar of Voters, Assessor/Clerk-Recorder and Airport Land Use Commission.

Child Welfare Division

The Child Welfare Division handles cases involving allegations of child abuse and/or neglect. This division staffs three offices - one in Riverside, one in Murrieta and one in Indio. The principle client served by this division is the Department of Public Social Services.

Health & Adult Welfare Division

The Health and Adult Welfare Division performs work related to representation of Riverside Universal Health System, which includes, the County hospital and clinics, as well as the departments of Public Health and Behavioral Health.  The Division also represents the Public Guardian in probate and conservatorship matters.